Who we are

We specialise in metal fabrication and provide an one-stop service solution for the Construction industry. Our service ranges from Design to On-site installations. All products can be customized to our clients' specifications. Additional services such as 2D Drafting and 3D BIM can be included as well.

Located in Singapore and founded in 2003, Construction Essentials started out as a humble drafting company, CAD Drafting Singapore Pte Ltd, and was created to provide basic metal products for the construction industry.

What We do?

Here are some of our products & services

Steel Fabrication

Creation of metal structures using automated or manual assembling processes. It is a process that involves creating of machines, parts or structures from various raw material and designs.

Metal Cutting, Drilling, Bending & Welding

Value-added metal working services that involves various processes which develops a piece of raw material into your desired final shape and size.

Vault Door & Strong Room

We supply a variation of vault doors with customizable strong room that ensures maximized protection of your contents from theft, unauthorized use, fire, and other threats.

Installation & on-site services

Manpower can be arranged to go on site for installations and/or carry out a wide range of practical tasks.


Recent Work

Steel Fabrication and Installation

Gates and Vault Door

Structural Fabrication

Railings and Steel Grating

Steel or Metal Fabrication

Steel Grating / Drains

Strong Room Construction

Security Vault Door

Steel Fabrication

Fences & Gates

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