Steel Gratings

Plain Metal & Steel Grating Fabrication

Plain Steel Gratings

Or Smooth Surface Grating is a type of grating made of plain steel bars, is the most widely used grating type for most applications.

Serrated Steel Gratings

Or Anti-Slip Steel Grating is a type of bar grating to prevent slippage and formed by welding notches along the end of the bar.

Fabricated Steel Grating Custom Types

Types of Steel Grating

1. Flat Bar
2. Winged Bar
3. Hinged Flat Bar
4. Discharge Hole Board
5. Sector Board

Fabricated Custom Metal Grates Materials & Finishings


1. Hot-Dipped Zinc Steel
2. Stainless Steel
3. Composite Steel
4. Aluminium

Steel Grating Specifications

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